Welcome to Jonathan Logsdon Architects

Established in 2006 in London, and now based out of Bath, we are an award-winning practice committed to delivering excellent, contextual, contemporary design.

In the light of the climate crisis, as a practice we have taken the position that it is incumbent on all new building works to reduce a property’s energy demands, even in the current absence of a coherent national energy policy (although regulations are supposed to be updated this year). We specialise in low-energy design through the application of the principles of Passive House and low-energy design (Jonathan qualified as a certified Passive House designer in 2021). At a base level, these practices reduce energy demand and improve comfort, which in turn enables deployment of alternative heat sources at a later date as becomes necessary/desirable. For instance, it is widely accepted that replacing gas boilers with heat pumps is not appropriate for homes that are not highly insulated. JLA’s approach is based on making the right strategic decisions for each property, and is a fabric-first approach; ie, it is about using robust building techniques rather than unproven technology. Through considered design and comprehensive engagement in the build, we work to deliver a high-performance, energy-saving, quality result. Passive House certification requires the architectural full service.

We seek to identify the clients’ needs, working through a variety of solutions and liaising with statutory bodies, to develop deliverable schemes imbued with beauty and character. We collaborate with an established network of consultants and contractors.

JLA specialises in residential developments, new builds, refurbishments and extensions. We undertake projects primarily in London, Wales and the South-west. We are highly experienced in creating workable, desirable schemes for listed buildings and within conservation areas, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the World Heritage Site of Bath.

Our projects range from garden studios to multiple housing schemes to commercial units and plenty in between.

The practice’s extensive personal experience of the building and refurbishment process is brought to every job, and our knowledge of a huge variety of building techniques and styles enables us to find inventive ways to fulfil your brief.

Our design approach is based on ‘hands-on making’ – making spaces, making models, making art – and connecting with materials and their qualities.

We believe sustainable, affordable design should be at the core of every project.

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